Did your Eyes Bleed?

I am new to the magical land of bloggerdom.  After some feedback, I am going to attempt to make any future blogs short and sweet. I am a pretty long winded individual.

So  Sorry…

Have you ever met people in your life that apologize for everything? Have you ever wanted to reach out and touch them? Hard?  Maybe you are one of those people? Well, I have a bad habit of doing that sometimes. I’ve felt hostility from others when I was on a roll. It only made things worse, because my sorry reflex then regurgitated everywhere. I’m going to try not to apologize too much for deciding to participate in blogging or other normal human behavior. I could go stand in a corner and squint tightly until I become invisible…

Wait, did I just apologize?


My Blog’s Purpose

Just to make things clear; I am not trying to bash anyone. I want my blog to be positive. I want it to build people up, regardless of who they are or their life choices. I am just trying to throw some ideas around. I am by no means the expert on everything. I live. I learn. I grow. Sometimes I say things and find out later that I was wrong. I’m not too big for that. All I can do is live one day at a time.

I want to share my spin on some other controversial topics in the future. I also want to share things that I personally enjoy. In the meantime, if you have stumbled across the darkest depths of my mind; I bid you good day. I hope you have a great one. Great days are the greatest kind to have.


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