Music is something quite fantastic. It can amplify any atmosphere. It can paint minute details into different moods. It has the power to change a bad mood into a good one within seconds. It can soothe ones heart when they relate to it. Music is a drugfree drug.


ANY music that moves my soul, or inspires me to move.

It has always been a passion of mine. I appreciate the artists that use music’s paintbrush, more than I can probably ever articulate into any human language. It is a universal language. I have not tried my hand at creating any. My singing skills are comparable to that of a donkey braying at the moon. I am so glad that I have music in my life. Thank you music artists!

I am now working on putting the music that I love into my blog. I won’t have it start automatically, but if you ever want to know what I had on repeat while I wrote; I would love to share. Warning: I made one exception to autostart footage on a political post. Beware.

If you have something to share, PLEASE do. I love discovering great new music.

For the last year or so, I have been on this kick for just about anything synthy. Anything that sounds like a videogame is golden in my book. I grew up in the 80’s. I also had access to just about every gaming console that ever came out because of my brothers.

My fiance complains that my music sounds like robots are doing obscene things in the room. I tell him I cannot help it if I have superior taste in music. I now enjoy via headphones when he is around. LOL.

Update: Big fat not! Copyright is a #@%#@$. Not going there.


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