So I am searching for a job…

Recent Interview

So, I went to an interview at a nursing home. I showed up pretty early. I walked in about 15 till and waited to be seen. A lady was sitting in the waiting area so I smiled at her. Another resident walked by and she screamed jack$%# at him and started talking to herself, so I redirected my smile to the parakeet.

Too Hot to Handle Too Cold to Hold

An elderly gentleman came afterwards and sat right next to me. I smiled at him. He had on an Air Force sweater.To strike up a conversation, I said hello and asked if he had been in the Air Force. I was going to tell him about my brother who had also served. He stood up and stroked my face twice then rested his hand on my breast. I gently grabbed his hand and said, “WOW THAT IS AN AWESOME WATCH!” Then, a nurse ran over and sat him down. Of course my interview had to start with sudden drama or molestation. I wasn’t angry or anything I understand their minds aren’t what they used to be.

Cloud 9

My interview went awesome in my opinion… That is what I have told myself the last 4 interviews though. I had my head in the air, shoulders back, and was on cloud nine while walking to the door. THEN, I forgot to put the code in the door and set off the bleeping alarm…. /die


They yelled that they had it. I practically sprinted to the car and told my fiance to drive fast. He was playing on his phone.


Then, when we pulled out on the street an ambulance was going in that direction…

Get Down with my Awkward Self

I know there is NO WAY, that they could in good conscience hire me, say if: someone slipped in the tub because of a loud @$% siren, or someone gripped their chest and fell to the floor after the most excitement that they have probably had all year. OR, if I was hired; I do not want to be labeled angel of death. My fiance was laughing his head off.

I guess I will see if they call me back…


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