Christianity: Is Homosexuality a Sin?

The Scriptures

My goal is not to say that the bible is wrong. I am not trying to be the new heretic on the block. What I do want people to consider when they read the bible is its context.

Here are some scriptures that have caused MANY a heated debate. Not only about homosexuality, but also about whether or not the translations are even accurate:

Leviticus 18:22, Leviticus 20:13, Romans 1:26-27, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10


I have heard points on both sides of the fence. Where I do want to tread, is what our priorities should be.

As far as ancient culture goes; I do know that I am not about to be wife number 5 to some bloke…

Why do we harp on one topic more than another and hurt so many people? I think the answer to all of this is LOVE. Everyone is going to have to follow their own heart. At the end of the day, we are still only responsible for ourselves.


I read a really interesting article about the story of the Centurion with great faith:

In the article, the Centurion used a term for his servant, which sparked questions about their relationship. If there was indeed a relationship, Jesus didn’t squirm. Jesus didn’t stop everything that he was doing to point his finger and threaten hellfire. He complimented the man for his faith in God. I find this intriguing.

Jesus befriended people that were otherwise taboo to the religious circles of the time. Jesus accepted people that faced rejection and harsh judgment. I think if Jesus were to walk on the earth today, His heart would be moved deeply because of the discrimination, rejection, and hatred faced by the LGBT community. I know my heart is.

They are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends… get my point? They are one of a kind. They are individuals with gifts and beauty unique to them. Why is all of that cancelled out because of something that is none of our business? We are not the judge. The bible clearly states the weight of loving others. That IS our responsibility, and it includes the LGBT community.

I have heard all too often, stories about gays that commit suicide because of this treatment. The treatment they face in school, at church and in the community. I have heard too many stories of hate crimes against them, and it sickens me. I don’t think Jesus would treat them like this, so why do we?

Just a Thought

So is homosexuality a sin? As far as our personal walk with God is concerned, does it matter? Is sin something that we are supposed to use to hurt other people? I think in this case, we have tagged a whole group of folks with a scarlet letter. I think that if Jesus walked the earth today, he would see people that he adores that have been beat down for long enough.

I am okay with not having the answers to everything at once. Who on earth does? Life is a journey. We live and we learn. I think what IS important, is what battles we DO chose to fight along the way.

My Opinion

I am not 100% sure on the context and meaning of these scriptures. I will just consider it something on the shelf for now and I have peace with that.

I AM 100% sure that REGARDLESS, I need to love these people. I am positive, that I am NOT anybody’s judge. I am certain that my life isn’t any more valuable than theirs. I am positive that they deserve just as much love and respect that I do. I believe that their life has a purpose. I believe that their life has value. I believe that it is our job to love them. I believe that every human being deserves equal treatment. We only have one life; so what is it exactly that makes one group of people more deserving than another? Why do they get the short end of the stick?

We are all in this together folks. IMO let’s love each other harder.


2 responses to “Christianity: Is Homosexuality a Sin?

  1. I always think about Jesus saying to the men who were going to stone the woman caught having sex, that whoever is free of sin, throw the first stone. Who are we (Christians) to condemn other people? We sin too. And I agree that Jesus Christ would have befriended the LGBTIA community as well.

    • I totally agree. It’s a shame the way some people get treated. I hope I don’t come off as bashing. That isn’t my intentions. If anything was based on my merit, I would be toast.

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