This Breaks my Heart


I went to read my e-mail this morning, and I stumbled across an article that compelled me to post. Before I copy it and comment, I want to express my sincerest best intentions. This is something that happens way too often. I mean no disrespect in any way shape or form; to the family or this beautiful young man.  

This Shouldn’t Be

This is an article about the unnecessary loss of life. This is so wrong on so many levels, that I don’t think I can possibly address it adequately. A young man felt compelled and took his life. I look at his picture, and see a child. Someone that hasn’t even had a fair chance at life yet. Someone with a smile on their face and light in their eyes. He had friends that he was loyal to. He had a family that loved him. He had a cat that he loved. He tried to brighten people’s days. He had talents with computers. He had gifts and dreams that were unique to him. He may have appeared to be different or frail, so people targeted him.

People blame him for his cognitive process, while he was still in the process of development. Why? Why do the people that tormented him not get addressed properly? This should change. Why do people blame him, like they have never broken down before when vulnerable? Maybe he is one of many people, like myself, that are not the best at handling stress and confrontation. Maybe, when he felt the tangible pains of rejection and hatred squeezing and clawing at his heart, he acted. Maybe he didn’t know a better solution at the time, while under all of that pressure.

I read the comments and feel more pain in my heart. People blame him. People blame the parents. Sometimes I think the world walks around with fingers pointed out, instead of our hands open to help.

If You Happen to See This

My best wishes and prayers go out to the family, the friends and the community. Right here and now, in my chair; I don’t know what else to do. I pray that you are able to get up and live again. I pray that in the days to come you have peace, and comfort and understanding from others. I pray that you remember the good times and the laughter that you shared. I pray that you do not live in torment or blame yourselves, even if other mean-spirited individuals do. I pray that you remember all the beauty in your life, at every single part of the journey. I truly pray that you are able to smile again. My deepest condolences. I don’t know what it’s like to walk in your shoes right now. I do know that loss hurts.


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