Question for other Christians


If we are all part of the same family… does anyone have a pink Rolls Royce that I can borrow?

So, we all end up in heaven? Think there will be a Baptist section or a Pentecostal one? Will it be segregated? If I snuck into your place while you were sleeping, and stuck your hand in hot water, do you think I would get into trouble? Wait, would you sleep? C’mon we are brothers and sisters…

What If I hid in a bush and threw water balloons? Think Jesus would smite me?

I dunno… He has to have a silly streak in Him. He bent laws that weren’t supposed to bend. Walking on water…Turned water into wine…Appearing as a ghost to his disciples… Now that is funny. I wish I could appear as a ghost to my friends. And these are just the first examples that come to mind.  I am convinced He has a sense of humor.


If I were God…

I guess there is a reason why I am not God. If someone irritated me I would probably get all incredible… Hulk that is, start levitating, make my voice all good and deep like…aka godmode.

I have never had kids, but what if a child wanted to stay up late for a video game fight? The mother was exhausted. I think my form of justice would be, to have that boss smash right out of the screen and get all 3D interactive on him.

“Want to go to bed son?”

I’m a toe

If you’ve been in or around Christian circles, I am sure you have heard of the imagery used to describe the church. The body of Christ. I wonder if I’m a comely part. Lol

Oh! That was just a metaphor?!?! No Wai! I thought I was just a big hairy toe.

I for one am glad that we are not all the same. When I hear other people’s perspectives on life, it forces me to see a different angle than I would naturally. What would we do if everyone was a chief? What if no one was? I think variety brings strength. No one is an expert on everything. I would die if there were only brain surgeons, and no sandwich technicians in the world.

If everyone was a screw, then wouldn’t we all be loose?


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