The Avengers Movie

I love me a good dose of Science Fiction or Fantasy. It is a great vacation from the day to day grind, and all the negative stories or feelings we get constantly. The news is mostly composed of negativity or stories that hurt. We pick apart our leaders, when most of us wouldn’t last a day in their positions. We pick apart celebrities, or even average Joes that have fallen, because we have never done anything with bad intentions or fallen from grace. We see the most vile or even heart-wrenching human realities that others have lived or died with.

I enjoy undiluted entertainment that takes me to another reality. Sure we can see parallels to our life. I don’t need to dissect a movie to enjoy it at face value. Gimme an action packed chocolate eyesicle any day.

No Spoilers Here…

I would gladly pay every penny again to: hear kids yelling and laughing at the most random moments, feel a complete stranger breathing and hacking into the back of my hair, see phantom humanoids on the screen every time biology threw a $57.62 Coca Cola in someone’s face or even forget that I have a derriere after sitting on a designer-graphite-meteorite-infused-purple movie seat for 2.5 hours.

IMO it was really that great. If I had my ever-increasing DVD collection actually materialize, this movie would be on it.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you again.

It was wonderful.

The actors and actresses translated their characters and emotions wonderfully. The eye candy was sweet indeed. The scenes with the Incredible Hulk were golden. The choreography was phenomenal. The climax of the story got better at least 8 times, when I thought that they had hit the top. ScarJo, can you train me how to be a ninja please? This movie is big. I don’t know how they can follow up on this one. They already smashed through my imagination’s threshold. Eight thumbs up!


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