Not Called to Judge: Part 1

I went on a date to see The Avengers with my fiancé. While we were driving, we saw one of those nifty signs in front of a church: We are called to be witnesses, not the Judge or the Lawyer.


Can I get a witness?

Being a preacher’s kid and all, this always gets my gears spinning. I have been around religion for most of my life.  For as far as I can remember, I have always questioned scriptures presented to me, or why WE do things. Some things I am still not 100% certain on. Such is life. Discovery makes life so much more interesting IMO.

Step it Up

Isn’t that the best we can do anyway? Our part, that is. I mean, I wouldn’t dream of approaching a surgeon with something I have no training on, and expect them to follow a procedure based off of my instructions.

So what if we took this a step further? What are we not called to do? Well, we obviously aren’t the judge (unless that is our profession). I understand there is a fine line between judging others, or just absorbing information and forming an opinion. We are not the lawyers. Heck, we aren’t even the jury. So I suppose we don’t deliberate about other “sinners” lifestyles and “sins”. I mean, what’s the point? We aren’t the judge. We don’t make the ultimate decisions on someone else’s destiny. We do not even get all of the evidence presented to us. We make our observations based on face value.


What does God see?

1 Samuel 16:7 … The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.

So as much as we wanted to, we could never see the true intentions of a person based on our own observations. You know, people and masks and all? No billboards on faces? The big picture? That is the Judge’s job. The Father. The Father of spirits. Better than any earthly father. Mathew 7:7-12

I guess this means we aren’t even the court stenographer. So we aren’t supposed to document and hold record of everything we observe about a person. I think this statement is pretty fair. If we base life off of the most important commandments. Mathew 22:36-40 Especially when love keeps no record of wrong doings? 1 Corinthians 14:5.

Trust me, I know that isn’t easy. If someone burns you a lot, you almost have to put a distance between yourselves. They have made their choice. I am discussing one extreme. One way I think a lot of us “religious” folks approach others. I don’t think it is right or fair. Sometimes I think we need the relationships for dummies handbook. I still got room for improvement…

 Can I get a What What?

So what exactly are we called to do? Um, Love? I see that over and over again in the bible, and I don’t understand why it gets swept under the carpet so much. If it is so important, then shouldn’t we at least try to let love motivate our behavior? It is a better goal than judging others shortcomings IMO. Why would we address others, with just what we consider to be an obvious weakness or fault? Are we perfect? Do we have weaknesses too? Do we have all of the answers?

Isn’t our faith about a relationship with God? Like a parent and children. If my father told me to mow the lawn in private, and my brother came along and told me to clean his part in the kitchen instead, whatever should I do? I don’t see how judging others could possibly improve someone’s day or life for that matter.  Are we encouraging others, or just finger pointing? Romans 10:15 refers to “the good news” as the gospel of peace. Peace isn’t inconsiderate or confrontational.


2 responses to “Not Called to Judge: Part 1

  1. I agree about letting love motive others, if that were the case, then there would not be so many people that feel that God is judging them because of all the judgement that they receive in their lives.

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