Not Called to Judge: Part 2


Noun: A person who sees an event, typically a crime or accident, take place.(Google, dictionary)

It is interesting to me, that when something pivotal is observed, police collect the testimonies of all involved. All witnesses have a different perspective. One may have picked up on something, at the exact same moment that another person did not. Awesome, huh? No one sees everything exactly the same way as another. Cool stuff…

So a witness shares their side of the story. Their angle out of several. They share based off of their experience level. Based off of their understanding level. It’s like a big puzzle with lots of little pieces. After different pieces are added together, the picture becomes clearer. Hey, none of us have all of the answers to everything. I think if we approach each other with love, we can build on what we already do have. I learn things daily, from my interactions with Christians and Non-Christians alike.


Good News?

So if you are a fellow Christian and you share your opinions with a friend. If you answer questions with your limited perception, if you witness, are you motivated by love? It is the good news after all? I mean, the Christ that we believe already did all the work for righteousness and salvation, right? We didn’t lift a finger in His part of it all. If we base our faith off of these teachings, what is it exactly that we have done differently that has earned us a one way ticket to heaven? Well, besides believing this. That is a choice that we can only make for ourselves. John 3:16 God so loved…  It all starts with love.

If this is our faith, if this is the foundation of our belief system, then how can we approach others demanding that they change for us? What work can they possibly do in our eyes, to earn righteousness? If someone had the task to please everyone in the world, they would go insane. It isn’t possible. The work is done already, for every person, and every choice. Since God already knows everything (question mark)?

We don’t stop striving for a better life. We don’t stop striving to make better choices. We don’t stop growing and learning. It is just the whole righteousness part. If it really isn’t based off of our own innate goodness, or is it? Romans 3:20

Follow Your Heart

See, I think this is where it boils down to people ultimately following their own heart. I don’t think if we shadow someone’s life with our input, it would still clean everything up sufficiently enough to earn holy righteousness. The kind of gift that is only God’s to give. Ephesians 2: 9 Er, which he already gave, to the whole world. Do WE choose to love people as Christians are commanded, regardless of their choices? 1 Corinthians 3:7 it’s not important who does the planting, or who does the watering. What’s important is that God makes the seed grow.

Sometimes I think people try to act on God’s part. On things we don’t even have the ability to do, when it comes to matters of the heart. Maybe one person can sow, or give love and encouragement to another, but instead they try to change them. Who is the Potter? Who is the Author of faith? Ultimately, the decision to follow God and his plan for us, is only between ourselves and God.  If someone doesn’t believe in God, does the bible command “sowers” to then sow seeds of hatred? Romans 13:8-10

Our Part

If we are Christians, we aren’t the Judge. If we find ourselves around “Non Christians” shouldn’t we be tolerant? Shouldn’t we love them?  I’m dead serious, because we are called to love people and judge not. If we chose to judge them, we aren’t doing anything beneficial for their lives or our own. If we share our perspective with others, is it a positive one or a negative one? Is it motivated by love? Is it about what we know? Or do we pick apart their lives, as a judge would? Do we really have any business demanding that others do what we tell them to, when they are the only person in the world responsible for their own actions? I wonder if a Judge would honestly care, if a witness explained that they didn’t particularly like a defendants shirt, what they ate, how much salt they used, their family structure, their favorite color, or what they wouldashouldacoulda; after the Judge had already deemed them innocent (or forgiven)?

It is finished… If the Father of Spirits fixed the problem, who are we to tell people that they still aren’t good enough? Or worthy to accept His gift. Something that was free to us. That’s bad news.

Romans 10:13

Doesn’t say that people need to call on us or do what we order them to. Just a thought.


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