Is This Where we Blog about our Mothers?

My Mother

I have an Adventure Today

I moved far away from my immediate family. This isn’t the first time. Even when we were together, we moved so much that I am used to this. I do miss my family. We have been through hell and back, but we are still together. We haven’t always seen things eye to eye, but we have still somehow made it through the storms. My mother is someone that I am grateful for, every single day of my life.

I haven’t seen her in about nine months. There were stretches in our lives that were longer. I get to go see her today. I am having coffee and anticipating the moment.

She is someone that I have always drawn strength from. She is someone that I have always seen “walk the walk”. She has had her moments, but really, who hasn’t…

Dear Mom

I love you more than I am able to say. You have always meant the world to me. I have seen you face great adversity with such grace. I have seen you make the right choices, while watching you swim against a violent current. I have seen you love. You have always been a great example of love. I wish that I could love like you do.

You have been able to evoke every mood in me. Sometimes, when I have felt utterly alone, you would find me with a gentleness that is unmatched. I see all the times that you have kept going. Times that you haven’t given up. I am sure that it was on the forefront of your mind at times. I am certain that most of your decisions were not made for selfish reasons. I am truly thankful that you are in my life. You have imparted goodness that I think is unique to you. You always get up and try harder. I think you are so much stronger than you even realize.

You Didn’t Give Up

One battle that you faced, you handled with better grace than all of us. You sat us down and told us that you had to face off against cancer. You told us that you were going to fight, and stand in prayer. I probably handled it the worst of anyone, and I wish I could have a do-over. I got up and slammed the door to your house. I drove back crying, to the seclusion of my cave, er apartment. You didn’t even get mad at me, even when I acted like a selfish child. I am glad that I am still blessed with you in my life. That is what you are to me, a blessing. Someone great.

I must admit, in all of my superhero strength; that was the last news that I thought you would ever get. I was very angry. I was furious in fact. I thought that it wasn’t fair. I had seen you defeat enough giants in your life. I was sure you had taken more giants on, than any one person’s portion. I was really mad at God. I thought at that moment, that that was a huge injustice. It seemed wrong with the hand that you had been dealt.

Then you fought it. You beat it. You went through surgery like a soldier. You faced the people around you with love and warmth, in the midst of turmoil. They said that the cancer was gone after your mortal battle. You still had to take medicine and deal with appetite. You bloomed back to vibrance, from a sickly shell, that was the woman I love. I do have to thank God. I am glad that he can help us with our unbelief. In that moment, I failed. I failed to support you as much as I could have, when you really needed it. I failed to handle the whole situation as gracefully as you did. I already know you forgive me, as that is just who you are. I cannot wait to see you today. I love you very much.


You are Beautiful

I hope that one day, I have a portion of the love that you do. I hope, that I have even half of the strength and selflessness, that you have towards others. You fully define the word beautiful in my eyes. I am sorry for any time that I caused you pain. I am sorry if I have ever dared to take you for granted, even for a moment.

I love you.

Thank you for all that you have given to me.

Thank you for helping me to get up at times.

Thank you for forgiving me, when I didn’t deserve it.

Thank you for being everything that is wonderful.

Thank you for being so strong.


4 responses to “Is This Where we Blog about our Mothers?

  1. Well, that day is here, the day you hoped for. The day to possess a portion of the love as your so very loved Momma, because in you, I see everything you see in her. You are growing & blooming beautifully….and YOU are a blessing to me. I love your heart. I’ll be thinking of you today….ENJOY your time together! ♥

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