Wait, When Did the Bible Come Out?

The Bible

Me likes. It fascinates me. It is like a puzzle. It is full of rich history. I do believe that it is the word of God. I understand that the physical Christian Bible hasn’t been around forever. I understand that it has been edited several times, while filtered through different languages. Books have been added and omitted. Some words do not accurately address humankind. It takes place in different times, political climates and cultures. I don’t understand everything about it. It is mysterious to me.

Why You Look at Me Sideways Man!?

My search isn’t for ammunition, just understanding. Religious debates give me ulcers… Sometimes I feel like if you ask someone the wrong question, they look at you sideways. Want to see me get really weird? Put me in the middle of a heated religious debate. Heated and hateful that is. I don’t really think it’s wrong to ask questions. I don’t have all the answers. I am still searching for the golden scripture that makes my life instantaneously perfect, in addition to the fountain of youth…

What do you say?

Sometimes when I ask God questions, I wonder if I am like a child asking about the color of the sky. Like I want answers, but am not yet at a place to really comprehend the answer. I just don’t think my cognition can compete with that of an eternal being.

I am curious about hell. I see references to a place of darkness and also a place of fire. I sometimes wonder how God feels about religion. I mean, He wasn’t a Catholic. He wasn’t a Christian. Sometimes I wonder if it is more important to love others, or to be “right”. I see a lot about love and peace. I saw Jesus as someone that loved and gave, unto death.

He had His spitfire moments. I don’t think they were to make people want to go off themselves. I think sometimes they were to provoke thought. Like, He called people out that misrepresented his Father. He called people out that pushed religious law. A law no one can keep in its entirety. Sometimes I noticed when He called people out, it said they tempted Him, or like they wanted to trip Him up. They were trying to start trouble and He wasn’t having it. Lolz

Turn The Other Cheek Now! Or Else!!!

What else was He supposed to do? Turn the other cheek?

See, I think sometimes people read a scripture and go off into orbit. I know I have before. I don’t claim to know everything myself. It’s a learning experience, life is. I just know if someone tried to mug me, and told me to turn the other cheek, well they would have another thing coming.

No moderation. Like, if I did everything nowadays that others wanted me to, I would be a doormat, plain and simple. I would not be allowed to have an opinion, because my life isn’t perfect. Only perfect people have opinions dontchaknow? Ridiculous huh? What about all the different expectations on people that are supposed to believe in God?

Bob: Aren’t you supposed to be praying now ma’am?

Me: I did earlier, Thank You. It is also lunch time now, if that is alright with you?

No, no, no…


Go and Sin No More

Did Jesus really say that? If He did, it was after he gave. It was after he changed someone’s life profoundly. I don’t see where after the fact, he got into this long uncomfortable dialect about…

The correct denomination

Acting religious ASAP

Hoops to jump through

Unworthiness to the Father’s Love

How disgusting He thought someone was

Looks like He reached out and addressed each need, as he deemed appropriate.

Stretch out your hand…

I Just Wonder…

If you have done more studying, please share. I am not a historian. Sometimes I wish I could just sit down with people more experienced and pick their brains. They could share what they did and didn’t know. Not “just because”, I mean from actual study or experience. I am definitely up to learn more. I am curious about a lot.

I wonder if Adam and Eve had a marriage ceremony. I wonder if her gown was beautiful, flowing and white. All proper like. Er, did they get married like us back in the day? Wait a minute… Can God honor marriages if they aren’t American? What if someone took a wife? I saw where people did that. What is a take marriage?


Try to take me from my home, and get a knuckle sandwich breh…

I wonder how many culturally relevant things today; make an eternal being lose sleep. I wonder if we get stuck on things that keep us spinning in circles, and then we forget about what is supposed to be important? I am serious. I want to know.


10 responses to “Wait, When Did the Bible Come Out?

    • Okay, I’ll bite. I wanted to check out your blog. I like it :). I also wasn’t sure what to ask. Like, I have loads of questions, but I think the last thing I want is for my blog to become a hell forum… rofl. I was also trying to figure out if there is a way to communicate on wordpress like an instant message or e-mail.
      May I ask, with all that you have put into studying, what is something that is profound and like gold to you from the word of God? Something that keeps you strong, like a scripture? Or something that speaks to you so clearly, that you may think about it at least once a day? What stands out to you from the scriptures? Thanks. 🙂

      • I love your question; I have been thinking about it quite a bit. Many people have a “life verse” that encapsulates their faith. I don’t claim one. I always joke that my favorite book of the Bible is the one I happen to be studying. The Scriptures are always relevant in each stage of my life. So, for each challenge in my life I would point to a different Scripture that helped me through.

        However, I think your question deserves a specific answer. So, I would choose Romans 5:8 as a central truth for my life: “But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” This truth personally overwhelms me. God, the Creator and King of the universe, loves me. And He demonstrated it with the ultimate sacrifice. When I am honest, I know that I could never be worthy of that love. Yet He chooses to lavish it upon me. Amazing! My only response is grateful service to the King who died for me.

  1. “I wonder if we get stuck on things that keep us spinning in circles, and then we forget about what is supposed to be important?” Very true.
    I am not a Bible teacher like Sean but I share his faith. He is a good Christian teacher. For some simple answers, I can offer a post of mine that developed into some great discussion: http://linneann.wordpress.com/2012/05/07/religious-fanatic/
    And if I may offer a couple of my favorite scriptures:
    John 11:35 “Jesus wept.”
    John 16:33
    New International Version (NIV)
    33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

    • Ty, that was a great post. I am not a teacher either :). I am guilty, I suppose of being curious about a lot. Thanks for the scriptures. I have always found John 16:33 really encouraging too.

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  3. Just wanted to let you know that your question really prompted me to think this through and post a more complete and personal answer on my blog. It is the recent post “One Scripture?” I hope you really dig into the life-changing truth revealed in God’s Word.

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