The Sweetest Things in Life

Pure Joy.

So I may have found my calling. I have been searching for a purpose, or my niche. It is a driving force for me. I do NOT like trying to convince people to give me their money for mediocre products. Products that people have absolutely no need for. I do not like being trapped in a cubicle jungle where money is #1.

My current job involves patients that stick around for a while. I am literally on the bottom of the importance hierarchy. My daily dialog includes asking patients if they would like more coffee. I don’t keep up with the Joneses. My opinions in life may not be considered all that valuable to anyone.

I once heard a wise server say… cough

We had searched long and hard for a wise server…

I realize that when I see the patients, it is quite possibly the highlight of their day. I love them. I want to serve them to the best of my ability. If nothing else, make them smile. I’ve been told not to get attached, but it’s too late.

The other day, I was in the back doing my worker bee duties. I caught a patient staring at me. I am very fond of the patient. When they saw that I had seen them, I started dancing around wildly like a child. I was completely uninhibited. I did not dance like a cool person. I did not dance like someone with all of their marbles. I was not sexy, and I knew it.

Shake it but don’t break it!

They started laughing so hard that they had blushed. I was concerned for their health for a second. I went to them and asked if they were okay. They wanted to know what I was doing. I told them I was tap dancing. I have absolutely no official training in tap dancing. They said it was a shame after all of the years of practice, and then laughed harder. They wanted to know when I got off. I had no Idea what I was starting.

When I got off, there was a small crowd waiting for me. They asked me to “tap dance”. I did. The room erupted into sincere cackles. I saw more teeth, than I had dreamed of seeing that day.

The next day when I got off, the crowd was larger. One patient felt so inspired they stood up, boogied, and exclaimed, “Shake it, but don’t break it!” They told some of my colleagues with more stature than me, that I was going to teach them to tap dance. Oh noez!

I wait to see what happens next…


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