God Doesn’t Need Perfect

And boy oh boy, am I glad about that. Really. Despite popular belief, His kingdom is not an elite club reserved only for the perfect humans. If it was, I am sure there are more out there like myself that would be permanently uninvited…


In my personal life, I believe I have seen a heart of Love from Him. It welcomed me. Even when some church folk wouldn’t. Even through some of the darkest and dirtiest times of my life, when I had felt like I wasn’t good enough for anyone. Places that God wasn’t supposed to be. Places He wasn’t supposed to see. Places that would have made religious folks squirm. That is one reason that I could get up and try again. Even when I was on the floor and I felt the people I encountered only seemed to notice that part. I think God sees something more.


God meets people where they are, real life and real people. The “heroes” and “heroines” in the bible had real problems. Their lives weren’t perfect. They weren’t perfect. No one is, you know? That is why I think an attitude of LOVE is so profoundly important, towards Every. Single. Person. Regardless of who they are, where they have been, where it appears they are currently and their personal beliefs. I don’t think there is a whole lot out there that surprises God.

If we were all honest with ourselves, we all have weaknesses. We all have faults. I don’t think a moral smack down on others shortcomings or faults can help them get up. I don’t think harsh criticism is synonymous to spiritual miracle grow. I think we should try to use our strengths to help and love others. To be a positive influence.

See, when I find myself reading, I cannot help but think that John 3:16-17 and 2 Corinthians 5:18-21 really mean the world. So who is disqualified? We don’t have the power to qualify or disqualify anyone from something that God gave them, for any reason. Why so serious?

If you have ever been around church circles like me (preacher’s kid), then you have probably heard this before. I have heard it a handful of times and it circulates quite a bit. This has always encouraged me. I pulled some of these examples from here.

Superheroes Need not Apply

Adam and Eve bumped up on the first try 

Abel’s brother hated him

Moses possibly had a speech impediment    

Gideon lived in fear and worry

Jeremiah was depressed and suicidal

Esther was an orphan

Joseph was abused by his family

Jonah ran from God

Ruth was a widow

Leah was considered ugly (not valuable by a warped gauge)

Noah got drunk and people thought he was nuts

Tamar was raped, told to keep her mouth shut and cast aside by her own family

Paul was a murderer
So was Moses
So was David

Abraham was too old
David was too young

Jacob was a liar
David had an affair
Solomon was too rich

Elijah encountered a widow that was too poor

Sampson had long hair

Peter was aggressive

Miriam was a gossip

Rahab was a prostitute

Some of the most successful people alive right now, have had innumerable failures or have faced extreme opposition. They just keep getting up and trying. So I say, don’t give up. The hand that you started out with doesn’t matter. What you have been through. Mistakes that you have made. How others may have wrongly drawn conclusions about you. How others have mistreated you. Some have it better than others. Some have it worse than others. There is someone out there with skin that knows how you feel.

Let’s try to love harder IMO. We don’t have to be rich or even have a prestigious title to make that kind of a difference.

Disclaimer: I do not condone some of the actions mentioned above. I am confident in the fact that I am not the Judge. I understand that people pay a price for breaking the law. Anger happens too. Ephesians 4:26. Talking about real life here people. Just a thought…


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