Window Units for Dummies

Can I borrow it? A copy of that book?

Kids, don’t try this at home. Really.

Have you ever done anything really dumb?

Seriously embarrassing?

Something that made you wish passionately for an invisibility cloak?

Your eye squeeze and face palm reflexes both respond immediately?

Well that was me yesterday. My fiancé and I, that is.

I live in an apartment. It is an upstairs unit. It is VERY. H.O.T!

After finally getting an a/c unit, my fiancé and I go to install it. Two heads are better than one, right? BAH!

SOMEONE goes to adjust it so hot air doesn’t get in. Do you want to know what happens when there is something very heavy in a window, it is almost completely outside, and the only thing supporting it needs “adjusted”? It plummets to its death in slow motion, that is what.

Where have All the Right Angles Gone?

The right angles have gone away. The important ones. When I saw my new comfort falling to its obvious demise, it frowned at me. My spirit grieved deeply. My stomach detached itself and fell to the floor. To add insult to injury, the unit’s cord whipped back while a thundering voice proclaimed, “You shall not pass!” My fiancé reacted with more agility than myself, and did his best slam dunk impersonation.

Very depressing.

He was angrier than I was. He ran downstairs before I could engage ANY emotions towards him. Then I released a giggle reserved only for that private moment.

I realized that if anyone saw that in passing while having a bad day, they would be forced to start having an awesome day at that exact moment. They may have laughed when they saw a large appliance falling from the sky into a bush. No one died. Oh thank you God. Seriously. Face palm again.

Gravity is one nasty…

Don’t even look at me like you’ve never been introduced to stupid (done something regrettable)…

Update: After a tedious surgery, the unit was salvageable. YES!


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