More Bad Pictures: Meet The Flutterer Terrors

Meet The Terrors of all Creatures Smaller than Themselves

(and an update)


4eyes the Deviant (could be one that is cute in a disguise?)

The Face or a New mutated Pokemon?

Now, look up slowly and focus as not to get too dizzy.

Blahger Update

There is an Emerging artist contest I became aware of. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? I am no Picasso or Rembrandt, but what the hey? The deadline ends tomorrow. I am composing a piece, with the same hopes as all the other entrants. What can I say, I’m a dreamer. Wish me luck. 😛

tick tock tick tock


So I’m a Photographer…Why not?

The Freebie

Life has a funny way of throwing impromptu changes to your plans. This has been the story of my whole weekend. As I was about to head home after a series of unplanned events today, a little butterfly caught my eye. Seeing all of the beautiful photography here on WordPress, why not?

“Jon where is your phone?!?!!’

“You have it”


I dig around in the vortex known as my purse.

Orangicus Beautimus with danger lurking

Close up satisfaction. Shhhhh…

What the?! BAD KITTEH!

Don’t walk away from me when I’m talking to you!

Double-Sphericus Cuticus Joins in

Fierce tail pose. All of the fluttering types have fluttered away.

God Sees You

I feel inspired to do an impromptu poem today. It may be two grades higher than the roses are red bit. I just feel it. It could be a little raw… so be warned. I’m not doing multiple drafts here, or sleeping on this one. It are is an ode two God’s love. Okay, for some reason I thought that was funny. Anyway, some people say that people use God’s love to justify sin and whatnot. I do not agree at all. Too sin conscious folks, maybe God is just that awesome and big and when He said we are righteous, He really meant it. We aren’t called to go on a great sin hunt. Remember Salem? Sheesh.

Maybe when we look at “sinners”, we should pretend for just a moment that in God’s perfect plan they ARE our brothers and sisters, they just might not believe it or see things the same way. We still cannot force people to think the way we tell them to. You know? We shouldn’t be pushing people away or hurting them. We all have enough problems in life. I bet if we took that attitude towards others, the attitude of love, we would really be kinder and possibly encourage others instead of beat them down. Not try to play Holy Spirit and play judge to things that we know absolutely nothing about in their lives.

See, my bible says He is better than any earthly father. I have seen some fathers be publicly humiliated by their children, I mean in a huge way, and they take them back and still work with them. Better than the best folks. I saw the story about the prodigal son, and it speaks to me. I see the story of the good shepherd. I won’t pretend to know the answers to every single ?why? question out there for religion. I cannot say I understand 100% of any topic. I speak from my own experience. Take it as you will. I won’t pretend to understand the mind or thought process of an eternal being. Again, I barely find matching socks and this Dude created nebulae. Give me a little creative license, this could be a little rough. So allow me to roll my poet sleeves up, take a sip of coffee and share my heart:

God Sees You

When no one else does, He is there

When you don’t have a voice, God hears the calling of your heart

When you feel faceless in a sea of people, He says that you are significant

If you find yourself hiding, in a fetal position weeping from the depths of your soul, He hears you

When other people use you and hurt you physically, over and over, When you feel lost, cold and alone: He sees you, and that was never his intention for his handiwork of you

When others tell you of your sins or shortcomings, when they add their hands to the great flogging of “you’re not good enough” or “you are dirty” God says you are beautifully and wonderfully made

He says that You are clean and beautiful (Romans 3:22)

When your family consists of you, God says you are his son or daughter. He wants to be involved

When you are the bad apple or just invisible, You are the apple of Gods eye

If you look around and only see the backs of others, or failure or pain, He wants to look you in the eyes and give you His love. He wants to lift you up

When you reach out for love and feel discarded like trash, God raises you up and cloaks you in his love and righteousness and reminds you that you are priceless

When others hurt you in the name of God and say that you aren’t good enough for the church, He says that is rubbish, He didn’t sacrifice His all for something worthless

When others say you aren’t welcome in His family, He calls you by name and sings a song created only for you

When you shoot a substance into your veins, to escape this scary hateful place known as life, or use other harmful habits to find peace, He calls your name, He wants to bring you peace

He has bigger & better plans for you

If you find yourself violated or exposed, He longs to cover you and restore your heart. You aren’t dirty to God

God doesn’t think you are an abomination

He wants you in His family

He made you unique and precious

Scratch that: You are His family and there is no second class

That is the whole point

I believe God is Love

People cannot nullify that

We cannot deem someone unholy that God has made holy

We cannot reverse what he gave to EVERYONE

We shouldn’t dare reject those who He accepts and calls by name

He loves you

He loves us, Every single one

I read somewhere that it is finished. That’s the part that I don’t think people get told

The good news part

Have you been told lately that you are wonderful, beautiful and Loved?

That you have a purpose?

Alrighty, there it goes. Lets not forget, if God’s plan and work was based on our own human form of holiness or good works we would ALL be hopeless. There is hope. His plan is beautiful. It doesn’t exclude people it includes them. If we  had to live by the entire letter of the law, then we would all be done for. Just my two cents. So when you find yourself stuck in the land of sin consciousness, do you think that is where God wants you to be? Is that what we should dwell on? Should we use that as a weapon to our God intended brothers and sisters? To those beautiful people that He made for His own? To His handiwork? To His children? We cannot clean anyone up to a level of Godly righteousness regardless, that is His job. We can LOVE them. We can help them, if it is welcomed. They don’t have to confess anything to us. That is between God and them. Guys and gals,  if God rejected us based on our ability to confess every single sin (bad motive, intention, thought, whatever), then we would all be out. That’s my view on it all. That is my perception of God. If I’m wrong, guess who will be my Judge?

Listened to Calvin Harris Feel so close ❤

Memo at Work

I got a memo at work. It wasn’t from my boss. It wasn’t from a coworker. It was from a patient. It was of vital importance. It said that Brussels sprouts have been banned from the earth. Best memo I have ever received at work.  It must have been magic, because after I had read it, nothing in the world was serious. A smile jumped off the paper, shot up my arm and planted itself on my face. Thank you Brussels sprout man.

Wikipedia credits:Brussels sprouts-Eric Hunt, Antibubble-Julian Costard, Vine-Jon Sullivan, Earth by NASA, Pelerine1911-by La Couturiere Parisienne, Glass eye- Etan J Tal

The Best Church Service Ever

So, the best church service ever 

I was leaving work on Father’s Day. I think the last time I went to church was on a Father’s day a year or more back…

They talked about fathers and sons. They talked about mentorship of sons for the next generation.  It was important. It was vital. Son’s had that type of importance. Daughters on the other hand… Nothing. That is all. It had nothing to do with me. I couldn’t be a part of it. There was no plan for mentorship for the daughters because that wasn’t religiously pc? Wait is that even possible? I hope you get my drift. Daughters weren’t in the picture. When it comes to fathers, daughters aren’t relevant. That meant me. I felt excluded from the “family” nonetheless.

So yeah, it was Father’s Day again. I felt myself yearning and reaching out to my spiritual Father. I was going to clock out. I work around geriatric patients. I love them. I do everything in my power to respect them and make them smile. While I was leaving, they were about to start a church service. More than one called out to me. I had plans to go hang out with my fiancés father in several hours. They told me they were having church, and I should sit with them. I think I had prayed to find a good church. I know this opportunity won’t happen all the time with my schedule. I took it.

I cannot remember the last time I had people that wanted me to sit with them that badly in a church. In a nice way. I was completely surrounded by them. Not to “save” or change my heathen butt. You know, to their liking? I couldn’t resist. Some ladies sang. It was nice. Even with my history, I didn’t know the words to some of the songs. My muse handed me a hymnal. I opened it and was…

Right to left, bottom to top?! Wha?

WHOA! I wasn’t used to that. Seemed like millions of songs. Where in the world was the index? What were they saying anyway? I don’t even know the song title. I don’t know what denomination they were. They can thank their lucky stars that I didn’t know the lyrics. Singing is not my strong point. 

The patients clapped and were happy. They had a sense of unity. It was peaceful and beautiful. That was probably some of the most excitement and social activity that they had had all day. They touched my heart.

They Reached in and Grabbed my Heart

I looked around the room. I saw the back of several heads with thinning hair, men and women. I saw beautiful precious people, with rich history and lives, whose frail bodies were now mobilized by wheelchairs. I wasn’t afraid. I didn’t feel inadequate. I felt welcome. I felt a joy in my heart for just having the opportunity to spend some time with these people, while off of the clock.

A lady preacher got up. She was smiling. Wouldn’t you know it? She talked about God’s love. She let me know in His book, I am good enough. I shouldn’t give up. Not to worry. To have peace, hope and love. See, I don’t care what anyone believes; I cannot find fault with those topics. Those are cards I play to get up when I feel discouraged.

When I left, I felt encouraged. My buddies were beaming. I did not feel beat down, or that all of my obvious shortcomings were brought to the forefront of my mind. I felt so happy. I hoped I had made those patients day, as much as they had just made mine. In that “church” I was welcome. I was loved. I was encouraged. They were too. I will never forget that day. The day the patients touched my heart, more than they will even know. The day with the best church service ever. I still managed to make it to the get together on time. 

My Philosophy on Religion

My Philosophy on Religion

A Little History

So here it goes…

I find myself pondering about life a lot. About religion. The reason for it all. The purpose. What will matter in several hundred years? What matters right this second? Why I am here? What is our destination? The journey? What I can do to improve? Things I don’t necessarily feel are priority to improve at the moment.

I was raised around a lot of religion. Don’t jump to conclusions, that one sentence could have a dozen meanings.

To be honest I am afraid of church. I am a bit disillusioned, if you will. I want to go. I want to grow spiritually. I want to improve as a person. Really, who doesn’t? I am not perfect and realize that won’t be an accomplishment that I will ever boast of in my lifetime. I don’t want to get stuck there either.

So Churches might scare me. They do. I don’t hate the people or anything. I think there are beautiful people everywhere. I think that it is hard to measure the intentions of the heart. I think there are all different types of people, with the absolute best intentions. The best that they know how to have at their part of the journey.

I could be wrong, but I don’t think God wanted his family to be frightening.

Um, back to churches…

Frightening, At least from my experience. They are diverse, just like people, and that is no mystery. How would it be possible for any two sets to see things the same way? The thing is, a lot of times, I think churches pick the wrong battles. I cannot say that about everyone. It isn’t a fair statement. I just think sometimes people get stuck on things that shouldn’t be priority. I know I do sometimes. I just figure if it weighs me down more than it builds me up, why bother going? I do a good enough job of that on my own. So does life. On my own personal journey, let’s just say I have had a hard time finding a place that I felt I fit in. Most of the times I feel like the people try to change me to their liking more than God does.

My Philosophy on Religion

I guess you could say I am firm in my convictions or beliefs. How I perceive the world here and now. I am open to learn, because I am not the expert on everything. I learn new things from people I don’t even want to sometimes.

I believe in a thing called Love

So on Religion: Matthew 22:36-40 I won’t list a bunch of scriptures in this post, they are peppered throughout this blog.

I truly believe that is the meat and potatoes of Jesus.  I believe that is his teaching. I don’t think that is the small stuff. I think it profoundly affects everything. It covers people. It meets them exactly where they are in their life’s journey. I believe it welcomes people. It doesn’t push people away.

I am not the Holy Spirit

I sometimes think people get carried away on judging and trying to change others.  Quite frankly, I am tired of people telling me why I don’t add up. I am tired of people telling “sinners” why they don’t add up for that matter, but forget the whole good news part. I am tired of seeing the bashing and pushing a “lost” world away from God in the name of honesty and love. I am over omitting the part that truly shows them that God loves them. The good news part. That God did the same for them, that He did for any religious person.

There is not a Christian in the world that has either feared me, or performed a moral beat down that had ultimately provoked me to call out to Jesus in my time of need. I love Him because He first loved me. In fact He revealed His love when most of the Christians in my life wouldn’t touch me with a ten foot pole. It was His grace. The grace that was good enough for me and is good enough for everyone.

A Gift with Every Name on it

Others are not exempt from God’s love because they: battle addictions like most people (in some form), have a sex life that people turn up their nose to (why do others worry about such things?), they are a registered democrat, or God forbid they aren’t American, or any other STUPID reason. If the judge gives something to the world, I am sorry, we cannot take it away from them. Even if we dare to deem them unworthy, after Jesus felt they were worth the effort. Even if they don’t want anything to do with our Jesus. Now-a-days who would? Look at the brush we have used to paint Him. Most people already know they aren’t good enough for our crap expectations on their life. Can’t please everyone dontchaknow?!  Want to know what still rings true to us believers? Matthew 22:36-40, 1 Corinthians 13… We gotta love them.

Who needs that kind of help? The kind that points out faults in the name of accountability and love. The kind that is always negative. Why don’t the people that accost others with their shortcomings and sins, also feel accountable to be a positive force in their life also? I don’t mean fleeting. Like a family? More than just two cents with a smile? I am inundated with the expectations on my race, gender, age, beliefs and more daily, Thank you. Who isn’t?  I do not take it upon myself to tell others what parts of their yard they need to clean up, even when they might seem obvious in my mind. I don’t think having eyes is “discernment”. I think that is God’s job. He knows more than we do, and he can judge fairly. Not just based on outward appearance or human expectations.  Sometimes I think people try to play the part of God. We aren’t called to judge. We aren’t called to condemn. We aren’t even called to convict. Can someone can explain to me, how to spiritually convict another person’s heart of “sin” and how they drew that conclusion from an all knowing priority, along with the scriptures please?


Too much sin. OMG!  Yep, he is my God. Now what? I think a lot of groups are focused WAY too much on sin. We are all sinners. We are unworthy. We are terrible.

BIG FAT DUH.  I think that is just a nasty paraphrase for the human condition. Well the negative side anyway.

Now what?

It calls God father and refers to His desire for “relationship” and “family” I thought? Is that the kind of love we show our mother, sister, brother? Always the shortcomings, then move along with a smile because we are right. Now if that is the case, and He is the best father, why do we get stuck here? Does anyone understand the effects of a father constantly putting down and degrading a child? They never add up? They are never good enough? So am I, or am I not a child of God? Did he really do the heavy lifting for me or what? Did he make me unique, and I have gifts and talents that are my own? If he made me righteous and part of His family, am I still just a lowly sinner? Should I always beat myself up? Would that please Him more? Am I just unworthy and pathetic and on and on…

If it is the good news, then how come people feel witnessing is synonymous with a beat down? Wonder if the people being “witnessed” to realize how precious they are to their maker (John 15:13)?

Judgement day

If I had to please every person, even in the same church, I would go crazy. Each “holy spirit Christian” would have different Ideas of how I could be more holy in their book. Guess what? That’s not their say.

Ultimately on Judgement day, I will be accountable for no one but myself. Amiright?

This is a recap of my beliefs. This is the forerunner to my next post, one about how I found myself in a church service, without notice this Father’s day.

If you feel that I am in error, then by all means pray for me. Or if you chose, send forth a conviction to my heart.

The Best Art: From a Critical Eye

Brought to us by my nieces.

The Creation of Heartface

Heartface in Red, Over the Rainbow

Heartface by the Sea