Back in the Saddle Baby

Wonder what would be a good song here?

So I was on this hiatus. It was a learning experience. A Youtube video I had used was disabled and it said it was due to copyright. I felt guilty. I had to figure out how to fix it. I was not personally notified by anyone of anything. Now I have an email up for contact. I was under this ignorant impression that we could share things on Youtube and Photobucket liberally. Actually, that isn’t always the case. I have read LOADS on fair use, copyright, etc. I am no expert. I have decided to err on the side of caution. For now, I will stick to things that I find in commons. I took down all of the music I like, because I don’t want problems or to take advantage of different artistic works. I am still trying to find out how music bloggers do it. I asked some people that were in the grey area, and others that wouldn’t give me the time of day. Ah well, such is life.

Moving forward, I am still searching for clarification. In the meantime, I suppose I will be forced to create more of my own images with Gimp (Elisha bears, Alien Christ). I still want to share music. Guess I will by word or mouth er hands, or cross my fingers if I send a request to share. Ye Haw!! Onward Blogging.



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