Your own Personal Jesus

Cue song

That I am not, and You aren’t either…

I ain’t your Holy Ghost. You aren’t mine. Now what?

This isn’t church. This is a blog. I share my perspective. My perspective on my life experiences. I am a PK. I grew up around church circles.  I think if people are religious or uphold a form of religion (James 1:27), then love is what is most important (Matthew 22:36-40). I mean how accurately can we judge based on face value? We aren’t omnipresent, omnipotent beings. That is just my opinion.

When I read about Jesus, that’s how I perceive it. I don’t think love and tolerance are the small potatoes. I think they are the actual foundation of His ministry. Call it cherry picking if you will. I think that striving to love others regardless of anything, is the high road.

You know: love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, gentleness, meekness and self control (against such there is no law) Galatians 5:22?

Judge not (Matthew 7:1-5) Condemn not (John 3:17) Love in restoration and meekness (Galatians 6:1 {relationship involved! WHOA}) Think on these things (Philippians 4:8) Bless others (Romans 12:14 {i.e. not thou vilest nastiesteth! Get thou out of my sight sinner!}



So that is just how I see it. In this blog, I am sharing my journey. My perception. My translation of the world around me. My growing process. I could see things completely different in a year. I don’t claim to always be right. I learn one step at a time.

You can come when you are perfect

I think one thing that is hysterical about religious perspective, is how varied it can be to each observer. It is just a matter of perspective. Sheesh. That’s scientific folks, religious or not. Our cognition is unique. It’s cool stuff. Everyone brings something different to the table.

I believe in God. I am quite fond of Him. I think the cool thing about Him is He meets people where they are, and can help them there. Not pointing at a specific church or anything, but sometimes I think manmade religion says you have to: change, be perfect, clean up and then you can fellowship. Ouch. The God that I know, that I perceive, He helps me right here and right now. I am not ostracized until I have some form of “human holiness” or have reached human perfection. He did all the hard work for me. Now I strive to learn and grow, right smack dab in the middle of my reality. Cool beans.

Good Church

I moved semi-recently. I am searching for a church home. I know it is unfair to look for the perfect church. No organization with humans yield perfect everything. I am picky though. I am not going to lie, some churches scare me. I refuse to go to one where people think they have to be like the greatest Servant Jesus, but want to focus on the mastering part. No one will convince me that my place is to make sandwiches, or to be seen and not heard… Yeah, that ain’t for me. So sue me. So if you are a fellow believer, maybe that is a prayer request? That I can find a good place to GROW as a person. Moving on…

God ain’t Scurred

I don’t think God is this silly trembler.


Like, I don’t see Him trembling every time someone drops the F-bomb. I don’t see Him as someone that ducks for cover if they see a “secular” billboard or hears someone dropping bass as they drive by. I don’t think that He is afraid of music demons. For instance, I don’t think He pegs a toothpaste commercial as satanic for singing about minty fresh, instead of Jesus. I don’t think He would scramble for the nearest rock to hide under, while plugging His ears to maintain holiness. There are so many accounts about this Eternal Being and how His ways are higher than ours. Makes me wonder why people get stuck on shellfish for an hour. I don’t get it. Maybe for the same reason I get stuck on my own hang-ups? Why didn’t he smack people down in the old days for having multiple wives and whatnot? I don’t dig that personally, but wonder what His priorities are. I have to think He has seen and understands a lot more than I do. I can barely make an unblemished gif, and He designed star clusters.

Love le Love love

I think that is why I think about love a lot. I think love really does cover things, restores, helps… I wonder if I get stuck pondering about religion so much, if that makes it a passion of mine? I guess so… Just an area in my life I try to work on.

Good day.

Side note: If you want a good jam to do the robot, or love all things synthy like myself, check out Datsik Complete Control.  Cool stuff.  And there was contagious dancing in the land of Bots…


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