Toilet Humor

Beware! I warned you!

And I shall probably BURN for sharing this.

Like once wasn’t enough…

Moving on…


I was walking through the hall to my destination. I had some task at hand. I’m too groggy to think of it now. My alarm hasn’t officially woken me up yet for the day, so I cannot possibly be awake now.

I was walking in the hall…

I was focused. My co-worker stopped me. Her face was contorted. She was nearly hysterical. She was loud enough for anyone within range to realize that something was seriously wrong.


Something was seriously disturbing. It was disgusting, she proclaimed more than once. I was afraid to proceed, concerned for what may lie ahead. I was certain it must have been some morbid bloody scene where someone seriously injured themselves. She got louder and more excitable. Maybe there was a rocket sized spider from Mars with 1000 mouths? What in the world was going on? I didn’t think her face could possibly get any more undistinguishable. Then I was afraid maybe a patient had fallen behind the vending machine in some previous year, expired, and was just now discovered.  Oh! John Doe didn’t leave AMA (against medical advice).

After her fit had reached its maturity, she asked me to follow her. She pushed open the bathroom door, after detaching one arm to widen the distance. I saw that apparently someone had taken their vitamins, ones that had been colored with electric Zeus yellow number 3, and something or other was floating around in there. That was all. Flush is only an option to some. Ah well. After I had affirmed to her that it was indeed the zombie apocalypse and the battle of Armageddon, I was released and able to finish my task. I was glad that there wasn’t a huge and green, maniacally laughing spider from mars that was about to eat our faces.

Stay tuned for the Art of Miscommunication…

Also check out Strung out by Bar-9. Sweet tune. 😀


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