God Sees You

I feel inspired to do an impromptu poem today. It may be two grades higher than the roses are red bit. I just feel it. It could be a little raw… so be warned. I’m not doing multiple drafts here, or sleeping on this one. It are is an ode two God’s love. Okay, for some reason I thought that was funny. Anyway, some people say that people use God’s love to justify sin and whatnot. I do not agree at all. Too sin conscious folks, maybe God is just that awesome and big and when He said we are righteous, He really meant it. We aren’t called to go on a great sin hunt. Remember Salem? Sheesh.

Maybe when we look at “sinners”, we should pretend for just a moment that in God’s perfect plan they ARE our brothers and sisters, they just might not believe it or see things the same way. We still cannot force people to think the way we tell them to. You know? We shouldn’t be pushing people away or hurting them. We all have enough problems in life. I bet if we took that attitude towards others, the attitude of love, we would really be kinder and possibly encourage others instead of beat them down. Not try to play Holy Spirit and play judge to things that we know absolutely nothing about in their lives.

See, my bible says He is better than any earthly father. I have seen some fathers be publicly humiliated by their children, I mean in a huge way, and they take them back and still work with them. Better than the best folks. I saw the story about the prodigal son, and it speaks to me. I see the story of the good shepherd. I won’t pretend to know the answers to every single ?why? question out there for religion. I cannot say I understand 100% of any topic. I speak from my own experience. Take it as you will. I won’t pretend to understand the mind or thought process of an eternal being. Again, I barely find matching socks and this Dude created nebulae. Give me a little creative license, this could be a little rough. So allow me to roll my poet sleeves up, take a sip of coffee and share my heart:

God Sees You

When no one else does, He is there

When you don’t have a voice, God hears the calling of your heart

When you feel faceless in a sea of people, He says that you are significant

If you find yourself hiding, in a fetal position weeping from the depths of your soul, He hears you

When other people use you and hurt you physically, over and over, When you feel lost, cold and alone: He sees you, and that was never his intention for his handiwork of you

When others tell you of your sins or shortcomings, when they add their hands to the great flogging of “you’re not good enough” or “you are dirty” God says you are beautifully and wonderfully made

He says that You are clean and beautiful (Romans 3:22)

When your family consists of you, God says you are his son or daughter. He wants to be involved

When you are the bad apple or just invisible, You are the apple of Gods eye

If you look around and only see the backs of others, or failure or pain, He wants to look you in the eyes and give you His love. He wants to lift you up

When you reach out for love and feel discarded like trash, God raises you up and cloaks you in his love and righteousness and reminds you that you are priceless

When others hurt you in the name of God and say that you aren’t good enough for the church, He says that is rubbish, He didn’t sacrifice His all for something worthless

When others say you aren’t welcome in His family, He calls you by name and sings a song created only for you

When you shoot a substance into your veins, to escape this scary hateful place known as life, or use other harmful habits to find peace, He calls your name, He wants to bring you peace

He has bigger & better plans for you

If you find yourself violated or exposed, He longs to cover you and restore your heart. You aren’t dirty to God

God doesn’t think you are an abomination

He wants you in His family

He made you unique and precious

Scratch that: You are His family and there is no second class

That is the whole point

I believe God is Love

People cannot nullify that

We cannot deem someone unholy that God has made holy

We cannot reverse what he gave to EVERYONE

We shouldn’t dare reject those who He accepts and calls by name

He loves you

He loves us, Every single one

I read somewhere that it is finished. That’s the part that I don’t think people get told

The good news part

Have you been told lately that you are wonderful, beautiful and Loved?

That you have a purpose?

Alrighty, there it goes. Lets not forget, if God’s plan and work was based on our own human form of holiness or good works we would ALL be hopeless. There is hope. His plan is beautiful. It doesn’t exclude people it includes them. If we  had to live by the entire letter of the law, then we would all be done for. Just my two cents. So when you find yourself stuck in the land of sin consciousness, do you think that is where God wants you to be? Is that what we should dwell on? Should we use that as a weapon to our God intended brothers and sisters? To those beautiful people that He made for His own? To His handiwork? To His children? We cannot clean anyone up to a level of Godly righteousness regardless, that is His job. We can LOVE them. We can help them, if it is welcomed. They don’t have to confess anything to us. That is between God and them. Guys and gals,  if God rejected us based on our ability to confess every single sin (bad motive, intention, thought, whatever), then we would all be out. That’s my view on it all. That is my perception of God. If I’m wrong, guess who will be my Judge?

Listened to Calvin Harris Feel so close ❤


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