Why I Hate Blogging

Not really…

The Contest

My alarm clock screamed profanities at me today. I had to be at work at 6 am. I didn’t sleep well. I was like a little kid waiting for Santa Clause. I was in a contest where they were going to announce a winner yesterday. I waited. I checked. I refreshed the page. I shut down the computer and turned it back on. I refreshed again. I went back to my email. Finally I had to go to sleep. I woke up. Sad face. I lost. What is funny though, is that this made me feel ten times more inspired to try harder. Awesome. No pity party today: squeezing my eyes tightly while hiding under my blanket like a large, overdeveloped child. BOO! IM SUCH A FAILURE I ALWAYS LOSE yada yada (right, like you have never been there). I lost and my guts did not explode everywhere. It was not the end of the world.

I get to work and they are fully staffed. Why are there so many of us today? BOO AGAIN! I don’t even work today. My boss is there.

“Hi everyone! Glad that things are running so smoothly. Carry on. See you tomorrow!”

Insert Donkey Face

Oops. I could have slept in. Well for a little longer. That is until the roofers that my landlords had sent out here had gotten up on the roof and started doing push-ups and jumping jacks.

The Blog

Sad face. Someone was very kind to me and explained some things about copyright and fair use. They were getting back to an email I had sent a while ago. I deleted most pictures I pulled from the web. I only saved a few of the remixes that I had made. I deleted several remixes and posts too. My spirit wept bitterly while I deleted some things I worked on.

The original artists have an image to uphold. Just because I am blogging, doesn’t mean I am blogging about their origin or content (fair use).  I cover some pretty controversial things sometimes. I’m not necessarily a celebrity blogger or an art critique.  If the artist saw what I was doing, even some from commons (maybe?); I am not sure if they would be on board. It would/should just be safer to just do my own works. I hope that this is the last time I have to go back through every post. I am sure if there is a next time, I’ll probably trash it and start from scratch.

I am still debating if I should just start a new page. If I do that with original art, the posts frequency will decrease. Maybe I’ll think of a better blog name. Maybe I would even share my mug on the page. Boo (seewhatididtherethricebood). Maybe I’ll take the breaks off too. If I start a new page, I will share the page info before I jump. Feel free to give me feedback too, if you have more experience in something. Thanks!

Moral of the Story:

Don’t go to work if you are off!


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