Fear: I Hate You

It is a weakness of mine.

Is it one of yours as well?

I face it

It whispers to me in the morning

I challenge myself to face it and beat it each day

I step out of my comfort zone

A lot of times I fall

I think that means I need to get up and try again

Try again until I get it right

Fear is nasty

Oppression is what it brings

Chains and shackles to those that allow it

It tells me what I can say

What I cannot say

How I am supposed to act

Where I can go

What I can do

When to cast my glance to the floor

Be impassive. Shut your mouth!

It is wrong

I think it’s time to break up with fear

Fear is only welcome to look at my back

It tries to engage me in a wresting match

Face forward

I refuse to turn around


6 responses to “Fear: I Hate You

  1. And that’s just the fear we can see. More often, it’s the hidden fear — the anxieties, subtle needles — at work. Caution is one thing, but worries? Well, there you go. It’s an endless engagement, no?

    • I agree. That is what I mean. Unnecessary censorship on myself based on expectations, albeit real or imagined. I want to stop living a life so shy and apologetic beyond the boundaries of this protective internet bubble. I think I have managed to get beyond caution and into the land of tiptoeing. Sometimes after I apologize, I wonder if I went so far to apologize for even existing. I am usually pretty shy and quiet in social circles or at work (not all the time, I am as one dimensional as the next person), watching more than sharing, or choosing not to engage in every battle. Some personalities pick up and strive on that imo. I think some people interpret quiet or silly as stupid or strange. Just my thoughts. Hope that made sense.

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