One Lovely Blog Award

Thank you sir!

One of my WordPress buddies nominated me, and I truly appreciate it. It’s nice to get a nod.

Anywho, so about Kip; I like his blog. He lives in the real world. He has real battles, and he always seems to look for the positive. This encourages me to do the same. I appreciate him for that.  His blog is Awesomeness. I enjoy his perception of the world, including his experience.

I could be breaking the rules of this award, but I thought I would share a few things you may not know about Kip:

He is a Rockstar.

He is Gangsta.

He is an evolved breed of Jedi. His name is Kipstar.

He could bee a Bumblekip?

7 things about myself…

If I were a celebrity, people would never, EVER, say that Christina Ricci or Quentin Tarantino have big heads. Mine is positively bulbous. If my fiancé reminds me of this, I tell him I have more brains.

I am not afraid of zombies because of this.

This week I have had Bassnectar’s song Butterfly on repeat. I love that artist.

I am positive that the only reason the town I am in now exists, is because Stephen King had indigestion or something…

I am certain if I say the name, I will get chased out with pitchforks and struck by lightning.

I feel like everyone here knows everything about everyone.

Me: Hmmm… What koolaid should I make? Orange!

I run to the store!

37th Neighbor: Hi Neighbor! I heard from Michael Christina Joe that you made Orange Koolaid! Great Choice!

I give up the ghost again.

That is all I can think of sharing now.

I re-nominate Kip! Please don’t be angry about the pictures!! If you do not like them sir, I will remove them!!! 😀


4 responses to “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. My friend you have taken this award to a whole different level ( a good one!). I love the artwork! I have another friend who calls me Kipstar, so that one fits for sure. The Bumblekip was outrageously wonderfull. I may have to borrow it for future use :).
    Your 7 things about yourself were amazing. I totally loved the part where your town existed solely because Stephen King had indigestion, LMAO.
    Thanks, so much, for thinking outside the box on the award. Rules are meant to be broken and yours was the most creative way I’ve seen them shattered 🙂
    Keep it up and take care of yourself!

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