Want a Good Head Pop?

I was reading in Revelation for some reason. I try not to get all tripped out when I read. I didn’t start a tribulation bunker fund. I like to read and study, because I am confident that I do NOT know everything. Sometimes others see things from a different angle than me. Anyway…

So I was in Revelation, and was reading about the 7 Churches at the time. I noticed a group there that it said God wasn’t so fond of. I had never really paid them notice before. I tried to think if I had ever seen that group name before: The Nicolaitans.

Trusty Google

I googled it. The first three pages I selected had different ideas on the subject. I read about people tripping on Gnostics. I also read about people that teach grace and live however they want. I think people should be careful when they say that. No one is perfect really. Observing things on the outside doesn’t equal God heart judgment. It doesn’t mean a person isn’t growing step by step just like any other person …big church jargon incoming…I think ”stagnant” or “complacent” is when a person thinks they have arrived. You know, when we decide to stop learning and growing? When we know everything and do everything right?

Saved doesn’t equal perfect.  It doesn’t void grace either. Sin barking doesn’t nullify Christ’s work. I think some people are more “sin conscious” of others than themselves (splinter, 2×4). I mean calling people abomination in their face and such…C’mon now.

For instance, when I moved to Florida from Oklahoma, my license plate said Native America. They all do. Some people came to my door. They told me that even though I should go to hell since I am a Native American, I could still be saved (so sorry, not trying to be offensive).  I told them I had to go and closed the door. One, they guessed wrong. Two : DOUBLEYOUTEEWHATWHAT?!?!  /facepalm.

So I thought this one struck a chord with me the most: WHOwhathere . Still need more info.

Well, no one else takes my conscious home with them. I live with my own actions. I pray all the same. I go boldly to the throne of grace. The Bible says I can (Hebrews 4:16).  Who’s your Daddy? Yo Pops!  If what we believe is true; I cannot say preacher so and so made me do it on judgment day… Think about it.

I Plead the 5th

Judgment Day…

Yeah, on that. I won’t plead the fifth. I’ll plead the blood. I heard a lady preacher say that one. It struck me. He fulfilled the law anyway. I am a work in progress. Who isn’t? God knows our hearts. Don’t get all weird on me here, I never said stop growing and learning, in any aspect of life.

Stuck in srs mode.

On The Holy Spirit and Church Abuse incoming…


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