If I Were God

If I were God

I created for myself a beautifully diverse family. I didn’t play favorites. I had a purpose for each one.  I gave them everything they needed. I gave them the desires of their hearts. I explained how to care for their house and prosper. I explained how to love one another. They were blessed enough not to be Robots. I never made them do anything that they didn’t want to. I had given them my breath of life, so that they could share and enjoy all that I had. I gave them a part of my very essence.

They broke the rules. They did not like the result. They blamed me for the changes. They blamed each other. They blamed the first, second and third, and then repeated the same actions. They hurt each other. They tried to invoke fear and dominate. They drew lines in the house and divided. They took from each other when there was plenty. The place was destroyed. The gifts were broken. They were bleeding and bruised. The garden was dead.

The plan was already in motion. I loved them. I wanted a family. It wasn’t what they expected.

I got there and they told me I wasn’t real. They explained to me that the windows that I built only, proved that I do not exist. They screamed that I was the reason that they broke the door. Some told me to get away. They never asked for me to make them. They didn’t want anything to do with me.  They said that my hatred was what inspired their existence. I still helped them.

Others loved me. They saw that we were connected. They wanted to love and learn and grow. They wanted family.

Think I would have to eventually put my foot down and clean up the mess… If they didn’t want to be around me, there is another place they could go…

The place for another created being that explained he wanted no part of me and my house. Another being that I formed.

Then again, I’m not God.


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