I started to post something

I changed my mind about posting it. I couldn’t sleep and was looking for online sermons. I ran across one on Joel Osteen’s site. He’s a guy we could roll a fatty, knowing our Christian background, that we were running so hard from (because of so much that just didn’t sit well with us), and still stumble across a sermon that gave us hope and reminded us that God still loved us. All us “lost” boys and gals that believed in God somewhere, but were hurt or didn’t quite make it into the country club.  All us big bad rebellious hypocrites. So yeah, Joel’s site. Under live broadcasts dated September 28, 2013 and titled Loving Unconditionally, it blew me away and I decided to repost something I took down.

It takes a lot of courage to do what him and other pastors do in this day and age. I guess it takes a lot of courage for anyone under intense public scrutiny. I find it funny that by the labor of their hands and their hard work they find success in many ways including money and still get bashed. I think it is one of those durned if you do durned if you don’t situations. The online champions that bark about it, cry foul about children starving that they have never seen or bothered to help, but then if someone has the means and takes the time to help them it is selfish and over the top. Doesn’t make a bit of sense. I also wonder why if people do walk by someone that needs help and they keep on walking decide to blame God for themselves not doing anything about it. It makes me wonder which is worst then poverty or success? Is it a blessing from God to go to sleep hungry or have enough to give to our neighbors?  I also wonder why people that don’t believe in God feel the need to be god or a conscience to someone else, or at the very least their accountant and dictate where and what they do with their hands, skills, time, success and money. I’m pretty sure I heard somewhere that people hate when the Christian folks do that in their direction. Anywho, I got off track again. I’m going to post this even if I don’t speak as eloquently as Joel does, or have success like his.

I think a lot of people are starting to realize it was the love of Jesus that changed lives and not religion “pontificating” as my pastor would say.


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