To My Fellow Christites

Just a Thought

When we tell people that they are too gay, or that they need rehabilitation, or that they need a devil cast out of them 12 times, or that they have to jump through hoops, stand on their heads and quote the Bible backwards, or that they must perform great works, or that they must reach a level of social acceptance based on our cultural expectations (that are the norm only for our current relevant time period and geography), BEFORE they can know the loving saving grace of the cross and the Living Christ (or sit next to us in church). We are in essence telling them three things that I find faulty. One, is that the grace of Jesus Christ is indeed not sufficient for them or anyone else for that matter. Two, that it is by their works that they are saved (same as us…). Last but not least, we are also saying that God did not so love the world, that He really only loves 21st century Christians from <insert personal country here>, and they have to be just that or they cannot enter the Christian Country Club. I have to think He has been around a little bit longer than that. Like, when they become that cookie cut mold of Christianity exactly, then they are golden. I find that these ideas are false. They push people away from who Jesus really is. They are hurtful and negative. I am not condoning sin. I am also not sniffing it out like two dogs that just met on the street. If we stare at the negative, we cannot find the positive. If we are glaring at sin our eyes aren’t on Jesus.

Human after All

I think deep down when we are honest with ourselves, we all know the FACTS that we all have unique strengths and weaknesses (Christian and non alike). We are all at different parts on this life’s journey (live and learn). I’m not going to get into the technicalities of it all. Where do we point them? Internally or to Christ? If we are talking about just the basics of seeing the good in people and having a positive attitude, I also see just focusing on the sin as the direct opposite. There is a need for repentance (turning around). To turn to God. Open the door. I stand at the door and knock. This is the other side of the spectrum, when we act like doctors of spiritual discernment. This is when we are clearly only stating what we see (or think we see as pertinent) in the physical realm. It is not pointing people towards Christ and what He did, but away from Him and to their own faults or what we perceive as faults. He casts sin into the sea of forgetfulness and makes righteous and clean. There is hope in that. He loves. There is hope in that, not fear. There might be things in their heart which only Christ sees that He may find more pertinent to work on. He convicts and doesn’t need our help. He looks inward and man looks at the outward appearance. He sees the heart. He can be a part of them and their life. He knows the whole story. It is giving them a list of requirements, of what we think they must do before Jesus will love, accept, save, or even continue relationship with them (even if/when they became family with the Father that is better than any earthly father), that is unfortunately just a big heaping pile of booboo.

In regards to the scripture that says if you see a brother (believer, anyone, man or woman) overtaken in a fault… It refers to brother like family. Special reminder: we all have faults. It sounds like someone that one has an investment of time, love and wisdom in. They take the good and bad alike. It also says approach them in a spirit of meekness. Not to just go up to them in addition to all of the hardships and currents that they are facing in their life, and knock em in the face with one more “fault”. So in many, many words; I find this approach to “non-believers” (or even the “baby” Christians [you know the ones, the ones that only wear jeans to church because they only have two pairs of pants. {{Aren’t these the things we know with discernment? When the Holy Spirit Gossips to us about others? Or wait, is that the accuser? Well it is disrespectful, isn’t it, to wear that kind of material? I mean, we all know God is so weak He tumbles right off of the throne if someone wears jeans into a building. How in the world did he tolerate a shredded back and death, let alone a broken fingernail?}}] we feel so inclined to wrap under our wings and smash their head into our armpits) to be flat out wrong and contrary to the Gospel (good news, liberty, light, hope, glory to glory, love etc.). Okay forgive me, I took a little rabbit trail there. I know not what I do. God created my rowdy self (we are all different parts too and THAT IS OKAY). So I think the point of this circles back to the do unto others deal. When we have struggled with one of our own weaknesses, faults, or shortcoming that was sniffed out by another, did we like to be “exposed” or knocked to the ground for it? Did we like to be kicked on the ground? Maybe we appreciated more the person that came along and gave us a hand?

True Story

Back in the day with my heathen self. The days when: I hated God, said there was no God, and wasn’t sure and still managed to blame God for everything; peoples opinions didn’t change me. I guess everyone’s experience is different. When people that were more religious would tell me how deplorable, dirty, backslidden, rebellious, or what a big bad sinner I was; it did nothing for me. Nothing at all. Well, except tick me off. Why you ask? Because I had eyes in my head just like them and I didn’t make it a crusade to tell them about their polyester, shellfish, weird nose, bad style, stupid quirks, attitude, bad habits or whatever. It didn’t take a whole lot to see that they were not spiritual, ethereal beings that had ascended to perfection. It made me angry because I didn’t feel it was my purpose to approach them with the obvious. I see it works both ways now in an unreasonable way. Church vs the world. Others vs the church. Oh ye hypocrites!!! Oh, gag me with a spoon. We all bleed red. There was another saying I had in mind. I am practicing self control. Hallelujah, holy water. So back to the point. It did not help me, change me, change my life, inspire me, fix problems for me, give me hope, break the yolk, pull down strongholds (I got some jargon up my sleeve… WHAT) or change my situation. Jesus did. I already knew I had problems. Jesus’ power, grace and love is what reached me and I still reach for to grow and change. This is my opinion. I am a Christian. I believe in Jesus and He is alive and well. Fyi his last name is not Christ. I am not a preacher. I have not reached perfection yet. There has got to be a balance. Thank you.


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