Isn’t it Exhausting?

So we are all guilty of it, but isn’t it just tiresome?

Maybe it is just some unrealistic utopian dream.

We all compartmentalize to a degree.

Anyone at all tired of being completely defined by just a few words? facts? features? Yes. Yes. Yes.

Maybe it is just how we function best.

It is like there are only two sides of a line and we all have to pick a side. Everybody get in line. No room for creative thought or compromise. One line on the beach. A whole entire endless sand beach.

Red or Blue? Male or Female? Black or White? Pro or Con? Atheist or Christian? I’m cannot fit all of the labels or terms…

Sure some things are factual and define us. How has it gotten so concrete though? So many are cultural constructs and expectations on our own personal experience.

I’m tired of getting into the box. I want to try to not to keep putting you in one either. There is more to all of us I hope. Cannot articulate effectively…




I’m friggin hilarious.

If you can’t ask serious questions in the church, than where?

And! And… And? And, why does the “divisive questions” card keep getting played, when the matter addressed is important enough to effect every element of a person’s life? Sounds kind of important to me. Can’t we have conversations where everyone doesn’t fall to pieces? I will try harder if you will. Please?

Seek understanding? I would like to trust you for some. Please help me? I’m still not perfect and don’t have all the answers. I know other people have wisdom that I do not yet. I know other people don’t have all the answers either. Can’t we pull on each other’s strengths? Why can’t we be friends? Family of the Kingdom of Light?

Don’t write me off as a contentious woman. I mean, it may have had some truth to it maybe last Tuesday…




When one gets too confident about other’s stupid heads; big hairy feet with heavy boots lay in wait on the path of life to swiftly lay waste to puffy rears. They hastily put into remembrance the recipients own stupid head. 

Take it or Leave it

free advice from someone that needs adviced…

Sometimes you have to do things, even when everyone around you acts like it is wrong. You have to follow your heart. Sometimes it all makes sense later, even if you had to stand alone. Sometimes you find out you were wrong.

It happens.

I say if you can muster the strength from within get up and try again. Keep going. Especially if others get in your face when you fall and try to shame you or kick you back down. IMO they are idiots. God bless their precious hearts and stupid heads. They ain’t fulling nobody but themselves if they try to act like they have never fallen. IE Nobody is perfect. Maybe they never had the courage to stand alone to begin with. 

Would this be applied here?

**Cliche Alert**

Get Right or Get Left!

oh yeah!

hardy har her snort and a snickety cause it sounds nice.

Acts 2:17

In the last days I will pour out my spirit on all people. Your sons and your daughters….

I wonder why…

I’ve heard in circles that God is the perfect gentleman. That is also the beauty of free will. Even learning, I suppose. He will never make anyone do anything that they do not want. Point being, none of us are robots programmable for the will of another or mere puppets. 

So why is it, that so many proper gentleman down here on this rock, or even toolbags, or even godly men of sorts, keep trying to convince me that I am a sock puppet?

Ah, tyranny and control at its best. Or is this true liberty? The best intentions of course.