I’m friggin hilarious.

If you can’t ask serious questions in the church, than where?

And! And… And? And, why does the “divisive questions” card keep getting played, when the matter addressed is important enough to effect every element of a person’s life? Sounds kind of important to me. Can’t we have conversations where everyone doesn’t fall to pieces? I will try harder if you will. Please?

Seek understanding? I would like to trust you for some. Please help me? I’m still not perfect and don’t have all the answers. I know other people have wisdom that I do not yet. I know other people don’t have all the answers either. Can’t we pull on each other’s strengths? Why can’t we be friends? Family of the Kingdom of Light?

Don’t write me off as a contentious woman. I mean, it may have had some truth to it maybe last Tuesday…




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