So what if…

We both realized that at one time or another, we have tried to impose our ideas and opinions on others? I don’t mean just being ourselves. I mean pushing someone else past what they were comfortable with? Will we continue on the path that history warns us about, where one group’s of people’s rights are greater at the expense of another group? I have been wrong a lot. If you ever read my stuff, I’m not putting on my Facebook mask here. Naive as that has been. Some say tomato. Some say stupid. I think that is what is happening now based solely on my personal experience. I have cast stones myself and felt them. When do we say let’s try to truly co-exist and we are all allowed to have our own opinions? What if we tried to all start over? Where we don’t automatically throw out another person like yesterday’s trash because we don’t immediately understand them. If we give each other a chance, maybe we can peaceably share our own stories that no one else can tell.

I was angry in my last post. I imagine when I wake up as a robot that will no longer be a problem. In every group all throughout history there have always been people that abuse or push the limits. They can change. They can stop. Sometimes bad people do good things. Sometimes good people do bad things. It is a part of life. I am still trying to make sense of the boundaries of communication etc.

BY THE WAY! In case there is any confusion, I am NOT endorsing harm or abuse or “watch what happens next” … something dangerous. If it isn’t clear, I really don’t like that. Maybe I see things differently as far as words vs actions. If you want to get all technical, yes words can be abusive. I am also saying there is a difference between offense vs reaction. I know as does anyone that has ever met a bully that they pursue and offend and of course rub in your face if you get loud or react. I have reacted to things lately, however there has been a group of people that have done multiple things before it got to that point. I guess it isn’t right. Maybe one day I will be some awesome chill person. Whatever I am starting to ramble. There are things happening over and over and over again and then when I blow it there is a mob there ready to say how hurt they are. So this obviously inspired my juvenile art skills.

I am not saying I am always right. I am not. I had to get over myself today and pray for people that hurt me or even that I perceived had. I try to do that. Even though I am an idiot sometimes. I am. I have to tell myself positive things not to get stuck there.  Sometimes it is a full time proactive job to keep my mind in a positive place. So anyway. I guess sometimes comedy helps. Ha ha ha.

Also, I realized another mistake that I had made. I don’t agree with something that was going to go down and spoke by name about a certain mayor. I guess that is easy for me to do without ever meeting her and then hope people don’t ever do me the same way. It is easy to talk about the one thing that I perceive as wrong and not all the things that she may have done awesome while serving the public. So Anise Parker, if you ever read this; I didn’t agree with that one thing for my own reasons. I cannot see your heart to see who you love or hate, so I am sorry that I said that. It did bother me because if something is imposed on the church, whether I fit in all the time or act exactly like I should, that would ultimately effect me. I guess it didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. In the meantime though, I am sorry for how I judged you. I prayed for you and your family too. Sorry I was a butthead.

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