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Someone pretty neat got back to me on my questions of fair use and copyright from some time back. I was doing it wrong. I need to go back and clean up my blog. I could still have things on here that I shouldn’t. It is private to all, as it may be messy and this could take a while. Cya!



Finally! A winner to the contest was posted. I didn’t make the cut, but the idea for the video was pretty neat. It was an exciting contest. I hope they have loads of fun.

Construction Ahead…

I’m going to have to go back through my blog and clean some stuff up. Not sure how long it will be down this time.

The Art of Miscommunication


Failure to Launch

It’s not so much an art form. Sometimes I feel like I make it that way though. Please tell me I am not the only one?

Communication is fascinating. It is how we translate the world we perceive around us to others. I heard somewhere that 85% of communication is non-verbal.  I also heard that 99% of statistics are made up… cough.  I noticed a lot of misfires er problems are started by communication, or the lack thereof. I had a little experience at work several weeks back that inspired this one.

The Scoop

I work with a cupcake. That is my internal nickname for her. She is a princess of sorts. I never quite know what to do or say around her in order not to provoke straight awkwardness. Even when I keep my head low, and just work. I sum it up as our personalities. We are like oil and vinegar. Sometimes when people fail to connect, it is failure on both ends. This is mine.

This wasn’t the first time I had covered her shift. She had asked me to cover for her because her husband was going to have surgery. This made me work a pretty long stretch without a break. I did it. Sometimes you don’t have enough notice to give. That is life. Just the way I see it. Sometimes it’s hard to put your game face on when someone you love is walking something out. I gave her a free pass.

On the day of “surgery” we had a meeting that was during my lunch break… go figure. She was there. I was a little surprised. She was in comfortable summer clothes. I asked her how the surgery went. She said there was no surgery. I bit down hard on my tongue. I chewed. I grimaced. I walked away for a moment, before the meeting started. My temperature shot through the roof. I was ANGRY. I thought this was a game to her. I figured she would have me cover a day like this, and work a long stretch.

“Oh Jesus, Don’t let me hurt her”


Claymation thought land was in full force. We were both in leotards and wrestling masks and I was sitting on top of her. She was screaming uncle. I let up. That was all.

I was so angry. I felt like she was playing games with me.

I WON’T BE PLAYED BY ANYONE. She left right after the meeting. I went home angry. I entertained anger for too long. I worked with her the next day. I decided to ask her what that was all about. I told her that I was under the impression that her husband was having surgery, and that is why I covered for her. I thought maybe it was a procedure. Maybe it was something minimal a doctor wanted to do early. Sheesh.

Her explanation was that she went to the pre-op appointment with him. She wanted to be there for him, to understand pre and post op care. I remember explicitly that she did not explain that to me beforehand. In a way, she didn’t have to explain all of the details to her business. If I am covering for her though, clarity on the situation would be nice. She said she probably explained it wrong and that she was sorry. So here is what I decided: It was over. I already covered for her. It was not the end of the world. Next time if need be, we both agreed to try to communicate better. I was annoyed, but her intentions could have been completely pure. I think her need was valid. I unfortunately, do not read her heart, even if I see her face or behavior. I don’t understand everything that is going on inside of her. She could have just been stressed out. That happens with life. That happens when someone you love has health issues. I was pretty sure that she was being honest, and it wasn’t some great, malicious conspiracy to have me cover one shift. Like I was a pawn for her amusement. You know, she was sitting at her castle cackling, because it would have been so devious to make me work one extra day? I had to let it go.


I think when we communicate with others, sometimes we just say things the best way that we know how to under our circumstances. Sometimes our intentions are good. For some reason or other they are lost in translation, and we end up hurting or embarrassing someone.

I have stuck my foot in my mouth before.

Tastes. So. Bad.


It is especially embarrassing when I have the utmost respect for a person, and maybe it was a faux pas due to cultural differences. Maybe we come from totally different worlds, yet live a few blocks away. Maybe in a split second I just say the wrong word. It’s amusing how something can be respectful from one angle, yet tasteless or confrontational from another. I have to admit I have hated the few times my intentions were awesome, but someone let me have it for being wrong. Like, I respected them and meant the absolute best, but for whatever reason unbeknownst to me at the time, there was a delivery failure. Sometimes our limited translations do not express our intent.

I think one thing that I find especially funny is when two people argue about a topic but it sounds like they are agreeing.

For instance:

Me: Chocolate is AWESOME!!!

Bob: There is NOTHING awesome about chocolate! It is Great, but not awesome!

Redfaced Me: It most certainly is full of awesome! Thank you!

Bob: There is nothing Awful about it! What is wrong with you?!?

We both have angry brows and stomp around and slam things.

I guess this is one more reason why I think patience and love are so great. I work on it. Not quite the expert yet.

Broken Record

Broken Record

That is where I am now. The land of repeat. The deja vu vortex thing. I cannot help myself. I have seen cool opportunities previously, that I could not be a part of. This one I can, and I am grateful. I start to daydream and go off into orbit. See I am patiently awaiting and anticipating with extreme… EXTREME passion, the outcome of this contest I entered.  I am thrilled that my little piece made it. I am curious how many people entered. I watched some of my competitor’s content and it is pretty cool.  I am afraid I will be stuck here until the contest is over. Time has stopped. Fingers, toes and tentacles are crossed. The official website and my email have become a priority. IT. IS. FUN.

I have a one track mind at work too. This is just one example of my thoughtful speech here lately:

Co-worker: Do you know where the such is?

Me: Quentin?

Co-worker: Quintessential? What?

Me: Django you say?

Co-worker: What’s a Gango?


Co-worker: NEVERMIND!

Me: Guess what!? Story…

❤ big smile. ::Hugs self:: so coooool 😀


One Track Mind

This is extremely cool. Not only are they getting the word out about the movie, it is pretty durnned awesome that he would be willing to commit to a contest like this. Basically he is giving a slice of his pie to the little guy. His stamp of approval. Think no opportunities could come from this for a new artist? To a little dreamer? To a not so refined artist? He did the heavy lifting, dreaming, had the connections, did the countless hours of work and ultimately is going to put his stamp of approval on someone’s creative eye. Cool beans!

For the love of Pete!

My family has not heard the end of it.

Mom: Do you know who won yet?

Me: No, did someone win?!?!? ::Sad face:: Checks site immediately

Mom: I don’t know.

Me: Well in that case, let me tell you the story again…

Mom: Gives up the ghost


I keep checking back. This is exciting. I know it isn’t over yet. I know what is really going to happen. In fact…

The Real Story

See, here is what is really going to happen for one very fortunate winner. They have an artistic knack. Some might have more experience. They still DREAM. They get the confirmation contact. THEY’VE WON! They go off to the vacation of a lifetime. They go to Comic-Con. They get to meet a lot of really interesting folks. Professionals. People at the top of their game. Everything is in slow motion. They are surrounded by artists who have also started out small. People that also share an inspired and unique way of looking at the world around them. People that had a dream and pursued it until it was real. People that don’t hold back. They share what they got, with all of the lovers and haters alike. They keep their head high and don’t stop. They are an inspiration.

galloping bashkir curly wikipedia

Quentin Tarantino meets the winner warmly. He is down to earth enough to connect his name to the winner of this contest. Maybe he gives them a tip or two. They see actors and actresses that have brought hours of entertainment into their lives. The Incredible Hulk is looking down at them and smiling with approval. There is complete world peace. How could there not be? Stan Lee is a surprise guest. He smiles deviously and looks behind the winner. Next thing they know, Samuel L. Jackson pelts their face with a water balloon. Leonardo Dicaprio does a ninja kick behind some booths and pelts Quentin Tarantino. Kerry Washington emerges with a water balloon bazooka. She starts laughing authoritatively, as a bunch of united nerds duck for cover. Jamie Foxx joins in with a ninja roll, and several water torpedoes disperse. Jesus is so pleased, that He joins in the fun, and a tornado of water balloons rise up and pelt everyone. Then He pulls out a super soaker that provokes a scream from Quentin Tarantino. He shows everyone how useful super soakers still are. More screams erupt from the far side of Comic-Con. Big foot makes an appearance and hurls red, purple and green balloons, as he runs through the madness. It is complete chaos. Sparkling rainbows shoot through the venue. A stampede of unicorns level some autograph booths. Christoph Waltz gets so excited that he starts to yodel and dance. Bellowing and contagious laughter erupts throughout the universe. Best. Weekend. Ever. Yep, complete ecstasy. After pure awesomeness ensued, a little dreamer just got the thumbs up from an international producer/director/actor. They got a once in a lifetime opportunity. Life is good. So now you know there is going to be a huge, spectacular water balloon fight at Comic-Con. The best water balloon fight ever. Well maybe, if their attorneys approve? That’s how I see it playing out.

Phase One Activated

I am a dreamer by nature. If I fall flat on my face, I get up and start to weave a new dream. 


I have been slightly preoccupied with something that has truly fascinated me. An art contest that I was eligible to enter. I am no profession, I just do what inspires me. There are better out there. That doesn’t mean I stop dreaming. I entered a contest hosted by Redbull for a new Quentin Tarantino movie. I used the program Gimp that I had learned to use for this blog. I also used Windows Live Movie Maker for the first time. I learned what I could on that, in order to meet the contest deadline. I have finally gotten a full nights sleep between work, life and this. I made the deadline with my piece. 

More Bad Pictures: Meet The Flutterer Terrors

Meet The Terrors of all Creatures Smaller than Themselves

(and an update)


4eyes the Deviant (could be one that is cute in a disguise?)

The Face or a New mutated Pokemon?

Now, look up slowly and focus as not to get too dizzy.

Blahger Update

There is an Emerging artist contest I became aware of. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? I am no Picasso or Rembrandt, but what the hey? The deadline ends tomorrow. I am composing a piece, with the same hopes as all the other entrants. What can I say, I’m a dreamer. Wish me luck. 😛

tick tock tick tock