When one gets too confident about other’s stupid heads; big hairy feet with heavy boots lay in wait on the path of life to swiftly lay waste to puffy rears. They hastily put into remembrance the recipients own stupid head. 


Would this be applied here?

**Cliche Alert**

Get Right or Get Left!

oh yeah!

hardy har her snort and a snickety cause it sounds nice.

Acts 2:17

In the last days I will pour out my spirit on all people. Your sons and your daughters….

I wonder why…

I’ve heard in circles that God is the perfect gentleman. That is also the beauty of free will. Even learning, I suppose. He will never make anyone do anything that they do not want. Point being, none of us are robots programmable for the will of another or mere puppets. 

So why is it, that so many proper gentleman down here on this rock, or even toolbags, or even godly men of sorts, keep trying to convince me that I am a sock puppet?

Ah, tyranny and control at its best. Or is this true liberty? The best intentions of course. 


Talk about talent. Discovered a composer that makes the most beautiful works. Talent gold. Pretty sure she should be a household name. I could just be late to the party.

Stumbled upon Michele Mclaughlin. Her music is stunning. Would recommend listening to The Lonely Ballerina. Her songs are so beautiful; I thought that this was worth sharing.

Gasping to Breathe and then Air

I felt a roller coaster of emotions. It’s part of our human experience. It is also easy when the media wants to drive specific things.

I couldn’t voice it as eloquently as this man. I’m glad I saw when he shared his heart with the world. Sometimes if we lose focus, it is like grasping for air. He helped me at least, to put down anger for a minute and grab onto perspective. To grab perspective in an experience that we all share. Thank You. Sometimes emotions are overwhelming, suffocating even. You are one of the few people that I have seen in this situation use your words for peace and hope instead of encouraging division. A true leader and peacemaker.

Mr. Benjamin Watson

Vocabulary Lesson!

Hi boys and girls!!!! I might not seem the most qualified with some of my previous posts. Just the other day, my editor had to call in because a run-away Prius hit a few of his penguins, but here it goes:

Transparency: Allowing an agency, like the IRS for instance, to act worse than Nazi Germany until after the Midterms because you’ve got something to hide. Heck! Let’s call it covering for them!


Hard drives that wipe themselves. Files that play hide and seek.


Stealing money from small businesses and citizens just because you can. Acting like you care about small businesses while their heads are held underwater till they stop moving! :DDDDD





When did it become so popular to strip the rights away from other free people? There is nothing progressive, or enlightened, or right about it.

Do people realize when they engage in mail outs that have erroneous voting dates, they are stripping the rights away from their fellow citizens?

When they go door to door and try to convince others that their vote will now be submitted…. but it never really is?

When they call people and take their votes over the phone… that mean absolutely nothing.

When they program machines to calibrate to their own agenda.

Why are these con people given a pass like it is passionate or patriotic or fair game? Why aren’t they more aggressively pursued?

What will those same people do that gagged others of their national liberties, when there is no one left to speak up for them and it becomes popular to take their voice away?



Dear IRS

I’m just curious…

What leaders in our current administration keep giving you the nod to act like the Green Police to progressive and FREE American Citizens?

P.S. Just a tip: Did you know that you can retrieve information from a hard drive that has been wiped? I know people that can help you with that. You gonna get froggy again this coming tax season? 

P.S.S. Are you now an entity more powerful than the Constitution of the United States?