In the Age of Online Champions


Reason’s we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others:


A lot of us seem to still have a problem with this one…

Kindergarten concepts here.

We are different and that is okay.

It is okay if I have strengths, preferences, perception and qualities that others don’t and vice versa.
God made us like that on purpose.

God isn’t vanilla.

We can all chose to add to each other when we have the opportunity. We also have the choice to walk away.
We all have different strengths and weaknesses.
It can make us unhappy to have unrealistic gauges on our value.
We shouldn’t measure ourselves with another person’s blueprints. We have our own unique fingerprints and experience.
I cannot do anything like so and so….
It can make us have a false sense of pride
They aren’t like me…
I must be better than them.
If I were them, I would never do that. Actually partner, if you were them…
We might be better, or more experienced in an area. That doesn’t make someone else less valuable than us. We are all at different stages of LEARNING and GROWTH on our own VERY SPECIFIC JOURNEY. We all have the power to make choices.
I’ve been guilty of both sides. Comparing myself to others and feeling terrible “vs” a false sense of esteem because someone else is lacking in something I’ve had no choice but to develop. Not a good deal. Not fair judgements.

Anyone else want to keep changing?
Maybe getting the balance or boundaries on these things is a part of the process.